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Ask Your House Reps to support Amendment #555 to increase Clubhouse funding by $3.5 million

Please ask your House Reps to support Amendment # 555 to increase Clubhouse funding by $3.5 million. The $3.5 million funding boost entailed in a budget amendment sponsored by Rep. Ruth Balser (D-Newton) would raise clubhouse spending to $22.5 million, according to the coalition. The coalition and other mental health advocates support a $30 million increase in overall Department of Mental Health community services spending, noting $55 million in cuts at the department over the last three years.

DMH-FUNDED CLUBHOUSES SEEK $3.5 MILLION AMENDMENT: Officials from 33 clubhouses that provide services to 8,300 people with mental illnesses say they’ve been flat-funded for 12 years are pressing House leaders this week to add $3.5 million to the annual state budget bill to address “near constant” staff turnover and cutbacks in evening and weekend services. Asked if the pending House budget lived up to Rep. Brian Dempsey’s claim that it maintains essential services, Reva Stein, executive director of the Clubhouse Coalition, told the News Service Tuesday morning, “This is not maintaining essential services.” Clubhouse clients say services they’ve received have helped them avoid being hospitalized and hold down jobs.

Call the State House switchboard at 617-722-2000 and ask to speak to your House Representative. You can also write or email him/her. Click here to find their contact information. If you don’t know who your house representative is, click here to enter your address and find out.

Amendments 551 and 553 to MA House of Representatives budget would increase funding for community-based mental health services

Please take action below and forward this email to your lists, supporters, volunteers, etc

Amendments 551 and 553 to House of Representatives budget would increase funding for community-based mental health services

Please ask your State Representative to co-sponsor these amendments

Representative Ruth Balser has filed 2 amendments to the House budget to increase funding for adult and children’s community-based mental health services.

Amendments 551 and 553 would further restore funding to important community-based mental health services.  The House will begin budget debate Monday, April 23rd.

A recent report issued by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) found Massachusetts has cut funding for mental health services by more than $55 million since Fiscal year 2009

The House Ways and Means budget released last week makes additional progress to restore these cuts and provide services to those living with a mental illness and we thank the House for their efforts.  As a result, more children, adolescents, adults and seniors will begin the journey to recovery – – but many are still waiting.

Amendments 551 and 553 would make additional and much needed progress to provide critical community-based mental health services.

Please use the link below to contact your State Representative and ask them to co-sponsor Amendments 551 and 553 for community-based mental health services funding.

Click or paste the link below into your browser to log in and send your message:

NAMI Massachusetts Jail Diversion funding initiative

NAMI Massachusetts Jail Diversion funding initiative

NAMI has been working with the Association for Behavioral Health, and we are pleased to inform you that Representative James O’Day (D) West Boylston, has officially filed a budget amendment to the House FY2013 budget on our behalf. This amendment would create a municipal grant opportunity to fund CIT/Jail Diversion programs throughout Massachusetts. As you know, this has been a top priority of NAMI’s, and we are grateful to Representative O’Day for championing this important initiative.

Representative O’Day is joined by Representatives Coakley-Rivera of Springfield, DiNatale of Fitchburg, Golden of Lowell, Mahoney of Worcester, Malia of Boston, Provost of Somerville and Swan of Springfield in support of Amendment # 276, titled the Jail Diversion Community Safety Initiative. Text of the amendment can be found by clicking here:

Please take a moment NOW to click on this link to find your legislator’s contact information and then send an email directly to your Representative.  It is important to personalize the email, particularly if you know your representative by name.  ASK HIM OR HER TO SUPPORT AMENDMENT # 276, and tell him/her of the importance of this program to the mental health community. Tell your own story if it is applicable.

If you have the time, please CALL your representative as well at 617- 722-2000 or 1-800- 304-6763 and repeat your message.