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NAMI’s Newest Report “Engagement: A New Standard for Mental Health Care”

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* The listening sessions were set up by NAMI to try to understand why many people who seek mental health care drop out. NAMI reports that 70% that drop out do so after their first or second visit.

* This report about Engagement represents a major paradigm shift. “If we want to improve the lives of individuals with mental health conditions and their families, we must shift to a culture that embraces engagement as a new standard of care.”

* And engagement is not a “covert adherence strategy,” but a genuine compassionate, capable concern and care for the whole person. If we want to see true
change, the mental health system
needs to promote more effective engagement.

* Engagement is a broader concept than compliance. It involves the participation of people who both deliver and seek services. With effective engagement, NAMI reports that the likelihood of ongoing participation in services and supports increases. When care is respectful, compassionate and centered on an individual’s life goals, the likelihood of recovery is sharply increased.”