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How can I contact NAMI Mass when the office is closed?

The NAMI Mass office is open 9am-5pm Monday–Friday except holidays. For non-urgent messages you can email us at info@namimass.org or leave a message on the helpline voice mail 800-370-9085 and we’ll respond as soon as we can after the office reopens for business.

How can I contact a member of the NAMI Mass staff, Board of Directors or another member?

It is the policy of NAMI Mass that all member information is confidential and shall not be disclosed to anyone, even to another member. You may contact a staff member by email, staff email addresses are located here. The Board of Directors information is located here. To contact another NAMI Mass member concerning an important matter contact your local affiliate or the local affiliate of that member and make your request directly to them.

I recently moved. How do I go about changing my address? How do I delete my name from NAMI’s mailing list?

Please send your updated information (including both new and old full name and street address) to info@namimass.org or mail to:

NAMI Mass, Attn: Membership
The Schrafft Center, Suite 1M17, 529 Main St., Boston, MA 02129

What does the NAMI acronym stand for?

The NAMI acronym stands for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Where can I find statistics about the prevalence of mental illness?

NAMI’s Treatment/Recovery Information and Advocacy Database (TRIAD)
National Institute of Mental Health
The Center for Disease Control & Prevention – Data & Statistics
SAMHSA’s National Mental Health Information Center


What does Evidence Based Practice Mean?

The term Evidence-based practice (EBP) means that research has substantiated the effectiveness of the program, when it meets certain standards of practice.

Comprehensive Evidence Based Practice website http://healthlinks.washington.edu/ebp/

SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices: http://nrepp.samhsa.gov/

Evidence-based Mental Health Treatment for Children and Adolescents http://www.abct.org/sccap/


What volunteer opportunities does NAMI Mass have available?

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the NAMI Mass please complete the volunteer application form and return to our office. After it is reviewed you will be contacted.

Please contact your local NAMI Affiliate for information about volunteer opportunities in your local affiliate.

I would like to receive a large quantity of NAMI brochures. How can I get those?

As part of NAMI’s mission to educate the public about mental illnesses, NAMI offers a number of brochures and fact sheets on a variety of topics, including particular mental disorders, treatment approaches and commonly-prescribed medications. Large quantities of brochures should be ordered through the on-line NAMI store.

The NAMI Mass Information Helpline may be able to provide some brochures at no charge. In order to keep costs down and to provide materials to the greatest number of people, it is necessary to limit the number of publications we provide free of charge. For local NAMI affiliates, professionals and non-profit organizations, we are happy to provide free of charge up to 25 brochures per title. For all other members including members of the public, we are happy to provide up to 5 brochures free of charge. Complete the Publication Order Form and follow the instructions on it. NAMIMassPublicationOrderForm

Fact sheets may be reproduced in their entirety at no charge by downloading them from the NAMI National website, as long as the NAMI name, logo, and other identifying information remain intact and they are not used for profit. Click here to visit the NAMI National Information Helpline.

Do you have information in Spanish?

Click here to view NAMI’s Multicultural Information. Here is a form to order brochures/pamphlets available in the NAMI Mass resource library.  Library Order Form in Word

How can I become a NAMI member? What are the benefits of membership?

One may now become a full NAMI member with a click of your mouse through our new E-Join Program ! The annual dues are $35/year. You may also join through contacting your local NAMI affiliate. Local membership dues might be more or less than the online rate, and local affiliates have a reduced rate membership for those with financial need.

The benefits of full membership include our quarterly magazine, the NAMI Advocate, discounts on resources in the NAMI Online Store, discounts at NAMI’s Annual Convention, NAMI Mass’s state convention as well as full access to all the information and features on the NAMI.org Web site, and more.

Does NAMI Mass offer any scholarships for college?

Unfortunately NAMI Mass does not provide or sponsor any academic fellowships or scholarships, however, go to the  Education, Employment and Training Resources for educational resources.

It is possible that a local NAMI affiliate may sponsor particular scholarships, but you would need to contact them directly for further information.

There is also a web site called FastWeb. FastWeb lets students create a personalized profile that can be matched against an expansive database of colleges and scholarships. Visit FastWeb for more information.

HopeMob is a crowdfunding platform built for individuals who are in financial need and in crisis. A nonprofit itself, the site is 100% fee-free and each story posted is independently researched and verified.  HopeMob has a large community of supporters that can help.