What is the Pledge?

The CEOs Against Stigma CEO Pledge is a state-wide campaign promoted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Massachusetts designed to reduce the negative impact of mental illness stigma in the workplace by bringing the reality of mental illness out of the shadows.

CEOs Against Stigma logo
Why is it Important?

NAMI Mass conducted a statewide survey of 800 registered voters to gauge mental health attitudes. A vast majority of those who took our poll said mental illness was a serious issue, but when asked if they had a co-worker with mental illness, only 17 percent said yes, even though data finds approximately one in five respondents has (or has had) a mental illness. And, while most people said they would advise someone with mental illness to tell their friends and family, our poll found only 27 percent would advise someone with mental illness to tell their co-workers about it.

Why You Should Sign It

The mission of CEOs Against Stigma is to change attitudes within Massachusetts’s workplaces by securing the commitment of business leaders. By signing onto our campaign, CEOs will work with NAMI Mass. to increase knowledge and know-how relating to employee mental health. We will partner with these leaders of our community to reduce and eliminate the element of stigma at work and transform the culture for individuals and families alike.

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