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NAMI and NAMI Massachusetts

Fact sheets may be reproduced in their entirety at no charge by downloading them from the NAMI National website, as long as the NAMI name, logo, and other identifying information remain intact and they are not used for profit.

NAMI has a mental health selection of non-fiction titles, fiction titles, children titles, teen and young titles -books and DVDs that you can purchase on Amazon.com and a portion of the proceeds is donated to NAMI.

Selection of books, brochures, posters and other items at the NAMI store

What Families Need to Know About Adolescent Depression (PDF File)

NAMI has developed materials to provide culturally relevant information about mental illness, treatment options, recovery and support. This page is the portal for viewing and downloading these materials as well as resources from our partners and other experts in the field. Contact us at MACenter@nami.org to request hard copies. 

The NAMI Mass Information Helpline is be able to provide some brochures at no charge. In order to keep costs down and to provide materials to the greatest number of people, it is necessary to limit the number of publications we provide free of charge. To order publications down load the 2013 Library Order Form in Word and fill it out, then email the form to info@namimass.org or fax the form to 617-582-8673.

Many people have found this guide helpful. You can download it and print it out. Mental Illness and Families: A Handbook for Caregivers 2009_NAMI_Mental_Illness_and_Families (32 pg Word document)

Decriminalization of Mental Illness: A Snapshot Look at Diversion Models in the Commonwealth DecriminalizationofMentalIllness-ASnapshotLookatDiversionModelsinMass (PDF)

Separating Myth from Fact: Unlinking Mental Illness and Violence and Implications for Gun Control Legislation and Public Policy (PDF)

Revised Report Issued May 27, 2014: WAY BEHIND: Report on the State of Mental Health in 2014 (PDF)

The Massachusetts Mental Health System is Critically Underfunded (PDF) 2011 NAMI Mass Position Paper

Massachusetts Emergency Behavioral Health Services Program NAMI Mass final 2010 position paper (PDF)

Chosing the Right Treatment – What Families Need to Know about Evidence-Based Practices (In Spanish)


Esperanza – How to cope with anxiety and depression

Additude, living well with ADD and learning disabilities

SZ, Schizophrenia Magazine, ensures you have access to the latest news and information about schizophrenia, as well as inspirational stories about people affected by the disorder.

bp is their magazine-filled with hope, inspiration, news features, and educational information on building a healthy lifestyle, including: stress reduction, exercise and sleep, treatments,relationships, and employment.

Moods magazine provides educational information in layperson terms to the general public, educational institutions, and to the workplace. Moods emphasizes prevention through education, and supplies those living with a mood disorder (and illnesses that may be simultaneously present, such as addictions, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, etc.) with easy-to-read, useful information, while also diminishing the stigma attached to mental illness.

 Publications from other organizations

National Institute of Mental Health, Publications

Federal Citizen Information Center, free government health publications, most available in Spanish

Two guides designed to help patients, families, and physicians make informed decisions about obtaining and administering the most appropriate care for a child with ADHD or depression.

SAMHSA’s fact sheets and other materials for Children and Families about Children’s and Adolescent Mental Health

The Parents’ How-To Guide to Children’s Mental Health Services in Massachusetts, The Boston Bar Association, with support from Children’s Hospital Boston, has developed the guide to Services in Massachusetts, which answers all of these questions and more. It takes you through the mental health system step by step, from deciding if your child needs care to getting specific services: bbaguide_2011update_2CMHServices (182 pg PDF)

National Association of School Psychologists, information for families (many in multiple languages

Health brochures and booklets sent directly to you, (most available in Spanish)

Patient-Family Guides that can be downloaded (PDF files)

FEMA Coping with Disaster

American Psychiatric Association, Resources and Brochures

Brochures published by the Mass. Department of Mental Health and can be downloaded and printed. 

Books on Mental Health

Children’s Books by mental health issue/challenge, author and title (PDF)

Adult Books for Parents and Professionals in the Family Resource Center Behavioral Health Library NSMC North Shore Children’s Hospital by title and author (PDF)

New Harbinger Publications, research-based, user-friendly self-help books

Other Helpful Websites

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) was established to improve access to care, treatment, and services for traumatized children and adolescents exposed to traumatic events.