Here’s what the CEOs are saying

“I have signed the NAMI CEO’s Against Stigma Workforce Pledge Campaign to show South Shore Mental Health’s support of this important initiative.  Our mission provides education, treatment and recovery to those with mental illness.  Stigma associated with mental illness does not assist individuals in recovery; it limits them.  Open lines of communication and a supportive work environment will enhance individuals’ ability to reach their highest potential in the work place.”

Harry Shulman

CEO South Shore Mental Health

“As the leader of an organization with a mission to reduce health disparities and increase opportunities for individuals with disabilities, it makes perfect sense for me to sign the CEOs Against Stigma pledge. UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth of Medicine focuses much of its work on improving the employment rate of people with disabilities through its Work Without Limits program and training clinicians in hospitals, physician practices, and community health centers to treat the whole person by better integrating behavioral health care with primary care. The commitment is extended to our employees, whose talents are celebrated and challenges supported through 24-hour a day counseling, flexible schedules to accommodate employees needs, and benefits that cover behavioral health services.”

Joyce Murphy

Executive Vice Chancellor Commonwealth Medicine

“Access to care is a roadblock to recovery for many people with mental illness. Too often, these individuals won’t seek treatment because of the stigma associated with their condition. Consequently, the SOS campaign has the single-minded focus of changing misconceptions that fuel the stigma around mental illness and addiction. Beacon, in its mission to help the members we serve, recognizes that addressing this stigma is a fundamental step toward helping people live their lives to the fullest.”

Tim Murphy

CEO Beacon Health Options

“I have spent my entire career advocating for equal treatment and opportunity for people with Mental Illness. I am privileged to sign on to CEOs Against Stigma and to lead by example to insure that Bay Cove policies and practices support and encourage all of our employees.”

Bill Sprague

President & CEO Bay Cove

“At least one out of every 5 adults in MA will suffer from mental illness this year and one out of 17 struggles with mental illness on an ongoing basis.  At CRICO, our two-fold mission is to protect providers and promote patient safety – helping to stop the stigma against mental illness is one way we can promote patient safety, by helping to ensure that people can talk about and get the care they need.”

Mark Reynolds

President Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions (CRICO)

“I signed the pledge because it is simply the right thing to do!  The stigma associated with individuals with mental illness is pervasive and unwarranted.  In addition to our workforce of 350 staff;  WORK, Inc has an additional 800 individuals with disabilities (i.e. Intellectual disabilities, mental illness, ptsd, ABI, physical disabilities, etc…) who we employ or we procure jobs for them.  They work because of their ABILITY! I am privileged and honored to be part of this campaign.”

Jim Cassetta

President and CEO Work Inc.

“At McLean Hospital, where I serve as President and Psychiatrist in Chief, we have made public education central to our mission in order to inform policy and eradicate stigma . . . NAMI’s leadership together with CEOs in solidarity across the land represent a powerful team that can make meaningful progress in this critically important domain.”

Scott Rauch, MD

President McLean Hospital

” I believe in the goals of this project, which are to engage CEOS across a wide array of businesses to commit their companies to establish cultures encouraging employees to seek support and help for behavioral health needs, and to ensure that such help is available. I also believe that although Vinfen has established such a culture in parts of our company, we can and will do better – and this campaign will give us added encouragement to do so.”

Bruce L. Bird

President and CEO Vinfen

“Cambridge Health Alliance is a leader in best-in-class mental and behavioral health services, and eliminating mental health stigma in the workplace is a natural extension of our mission to deliver comprehensive and innovative care to our communities. Essential to this effort is the commitment and compassion of our employees. As we focus on reducing barriers to care and increasing acceptance and education of health care needs for our patients, it’s vital that we ensure our employees receive the same high level of support, treatment, and understanding in their work environment. I am proud to join this initiative.”

Patrick Wardell

CEO Cambridge Health Alliance

“I’m proud to sign this pledge, reflecting JRI’s dedication to the goal of eliminating the stigma that is still associated with mental health diagnoses. Personally, I’ve struggled with anxiety during parts of my 30+ years at JRI. In certain circumstances, sharing my experiences has encouraged others to do the same. This pledge is a way to reinforce our already strong commitment to a caring and supportive workplace environment.


JRI employs over 2500 people in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania.”

Andy Pond

President and CEO Justice Resource Institute

“As the CEO of Fidelity Bank, I care deeply about the well-being of our clients, communities, and team of employees. That concern goes beyond just their financial wellbeing. I also have concern for the health and wellness of these people. To me, it’s just a natural extension of our mission and that’s why I enthusiastically agreed to join NAMI Mass’ CEOs Against Stigma campaign.


For over 10 years, Fidelity Bank has been a leader in the fight to make mental illness in children and young adults recognized as a mainstream health issue through its creation and support of The SHINE Initiative. During that time, I have learned that mental illness touches everyone — spouses, partners, fathers, mothers, siblings, friends, and other caregivers.


Given the prevalence of this health issue, we as CEOs need to do our part. I encourage all CEOs to become CEOs Against Stigma to make a positive difference in the lives of their clients, members of their communities, and their employees.”

Edward Manzi, Jr.

Chairman and CEO Fidelity Bank

“From architects and leasing officers to trades professionals of all kinds, a talented and dedicated staff has always been the driving force behind Cummings Properties’ success. Our firm takes seriously its responsibility to maintain a work environment that is welcoming, supportive, and rewarding for each and every one of these colleagues. The CEOs Against Stigma campaign will be an excellent complement to our ongoing efforts to ensure a healthy workplace.

Dennis Clarke

President and CEO Cummings Properties

“I’ve dedicated most of my professional career to community-based behavioral health, and I can tell you that stigma is the main barrier to how and if our local families or neighbors get the care they need. We know that, over their lifetime, one in five Americans will experience a mental health or addiction issue, yet we do not treat these illnesses in the same way as we do other medical conditions. Stigma is what keeps our field underfunded, keeps our families from accessing mental health treatment and from talking about their loved one’s struggles. Reducing the shame and stigma around mental health issues is not just good for our clients or patients. By treating the body and the mind—the whole person—we get better clinical outcomes and we can lower our country’s overall healthcare expenditure.”

Kevin Norton

CEO Lahey Behavioral Health Services

“I welcome the chance to help address the issue of reducing the stigma of mental illness in the workplace. It is important that all people feel comfortable in their work environment and feel free from any adverse reaction to any health challenge, including mental illness. As a MSW, and a leader in the public sector, I have always been sensitive to this issue, and am pleased to have signed this pledge for Massport with the goal of continuing to help our state and country make strides in this area.”

Thomas Glynn

CEO Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)

“I am proud to support NAMI’s campaign to ensure stigma-free workplaces across the State. As the CEO of a behavioral health and human services organization, I am keenly aware of the need to fight stigma against individuals with a mental illness. The individuals we serve here at Riverside face this challenge daily. Employees struggling with a mental illness deserve compassion and understanding. I hope all organizations and companies across the Commonwealth will join with NAMI and strive to make respect and diversity part of their daily conversations and ingrained in their corporate cultures.”

Scott Bock

Founder, President and CEO Riverside Community Care

“Reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness is about leading by example. As an organization committed to providing the highest quality healthcare coverage to underserved populations, Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan understands the importance of providing comprehensive mental health services to our members. We know that’s it’s vital to make these services part of a regular health exam to improve overall health and well-being. This not only includes our members, but also our employees as we work to ensure they have the mental health services and workplace supports that they need.”

Susan Coakley

President Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan

“Mental illness is a serious public health issue. Nearly all of us have a family member, friend, neighbor or colleague who has faced mental health challenges. Overcoming stigma is often the first step toward treatment and recovery. NAMI is working locally and nationally to remove obstacles to treatment and improve the lives of patients, as well as those of their families and loved ones. At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, we are committed to supporting our employees and our patients with mental illness on their path to wellness. We are proud to join NAMI’s campaign against stigma, and we will continue our efforts to promote recovery and resilience.”

Kevin Tabb, MD

President and CEO Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center (BIDMC)

“I have signed on as a CEO Against Stigma first because anyone with mental illness deserves our support as we have supported many employees with physical illness. We have supported employees to work from home when they could not come into the office, to get stand-up desk when back pain makes it impossible to sit, to use phone technology for deaf employees and now I realize it’s time to be as thoughtful about employees with mental illness. In truth I have loved ones who have suffered from depression and hid it for months or years from co-workers and employers. How sad, but not surprising, since little to no effort is made in the workplace to communicate to employees that we want to know and be supportive. Now that I have begun to understand the impact mental illness has on productivity I realize that the stigma is not only wrong it is bad for business.”

Wayne Ysaguirre

President and CEO Nurtury, Inc.

“I am proud to sign this pledge on behalf of myself, as well as the staff and patients at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program.”


“We are fortunate to serve a remarkable group of patients and we strive to do so in a way that affords dignity and compassion. I am also fortunate to work with extraordinary colleagues and we collectively support NAMI Mass’ efforts to remove the stigma associated with mental illness in the workplace.”


“NAMI Mass, thank you for your leadership on this issue and all issues that impact the lives of those with mental illness. “

Barry Bock

CEO Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

“Many of us recognize the palpable stigma and discrimination that prevents people from seeking mental health care. It affects our friends, families and communities. Our task is to make sure that everyone knows that effective treatments do exist and, as with many other chronic diseases, people can live long, personally and professionally rewarding and successful lives. Our job as leaders in healthcare is to support our employees and communities in achieving this goal.”

Joanne Conroy, MD

CEO Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

“Support and acceptance is so important for people struggling with mental health conditions no matter where they are. Just like any other illness, mental illness is treatable and recovery is a reality. I am pleased to join the many business leaders who have pledged to sustain an open dialogue among employees, promote a stigma-free environment and most importantly provide appropriate and timely mental health information for employees and managers.”

Joan Mikula

Commissioner Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

“At Baystate we believe that mental health concerns form an integral part of excellent care in all clinical areas. Eliminating stigma is one component of care for the whole patient and an important ingredient in a just and inclusive workplace.”

Mark Keroack, MD, MPH

President and CEO Baystate Health and Baystate Medical Center

“At the MGH Institute, our mission is to prepare health professionals and scientists to advance care for a diverse society. Making our talented faculty and staff members feel supported in seeking treatment for mental illness not only creates a welcoming work environment but also models the kind of compassionate care that we aim for our graduates to provide.”

Janis P. Bellack

President and John Hilton Knowles Professor MGH Institute of Health Professions

“The message of the CEOs Against Stigma campaign encourages us to accept and support colleagues whose lives are touched by mental illness. Through this campaign, we will strengthen our hospital community and build more understanding relationships with each other to reduce and eliminate stigma at work and further transform our culture to be even more welcoming to all who come through our doors. A mentally healthy work environment enables us to deliver the best possible care to our patients and families. I’m proud that Brigham and Women’s Hospital is at the forefront of promoting a mentally healthy work environment.”

Elzabeth Nabel

President Brigham and Women’s Health Care

“It was a proud moment for me when signing this pledge. I believe that this campaign will encourage CEOs to rethink the way their company is building an employee “friendly” culture. Ultimately, there are many more ways that we, as business leaders, can support our employees, and their mental health should certainly be at the top of the list. Employees should not only be supported with care, but also supported with acceptance. I look forward to being an ambassador, within my own firm, but also within the business community.”

Darrin Lang


“Cape Air was founded on the premise that creating a safe, sympathetic and caring workplace leads to success for the organization, and more importantly, the individuals who are part of the organization. Our participation with NAMI/CEOs Against Stigma is a natural extension of the philosophy we have embraced for the last 26 years.”

Dan Wolf

State Senator, Founder and CEO Cape Air

“This is an important issue for any CEO, particularly those of us who work in health care. It is vital to show leadership in the area of mental health services and to demonstrate a commitment to our employees.”

Joanne Marqusee

President and CEO Cooley Dickinson Health Care

“Mental illness, including depression and substance abuse, is a health issue that we cannot ignore. As part of the care Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital provides to our employees and the community, supporting people with mental health issues has been, and will continue to be, at the heart of our mission. Good mental health is a key component to good overall health and we’re committed to supporting individuals and their families struggling with these issues.”

Michael Gustafson, MD

President Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital

“I signed the Pledge with tremendous pride and enthusiasm. For years we have been working to help our clients deal with the stigma that comes with a mental health diagnosis and/or any type of “system” involvement and to overcome the barriers it presents in life. It only makes sense that we develop a workplace culture that educates and informs our staff to be aware not only of the challenges such stigma presents to our clients, but also to recognize that that same stigma can deter our employees, colleagues and coworkers from seeking the help they need out of embarrassment and shame.”


“There should be no shame in asking for what you need, especially in the human service sector. I wholeheartedly support this campaign.”

Paul Rilla

Executive Director Northeast Center for Youth & Families

“Discrimination has no place in our society or in the workplace. We know that persons with disabilities including those who suffer with mental health conditions and addictions experience stigma and are routinely discriminated against. As leaders, it is incumbent upon us to insist upon full social and economic inclusion in all aspect of the workplace, in society at large, and to work in partnership with those who are discriminated against to achieve this goal.”

Marcia Fowler

CEO Bournewood Health Systems

“Mental illness affects approximately one in five adult Americans. We need to work together so that five out of five Americans understand and accept that mental illness is treatable and recovery is possible.”

Daniel Mumbauer

President and CEO High Point Treatment Center, Southeast Family Services, and Southeast Massachusetts Council on Addiction

“My organization has been committed to working with those with mental illness for over 75 years. At the heart of our mission, we are committed to eliminating the stigma of mental illness for those we serve. As I sign on as a CEO Against Stigma, I am committing to extend this pledge to the 1,770 employees of BHN. With one in five adults challenged by mental illness, BHN needs to be sure our own employees feel the safety and support of their workplace, and colleagues. I am committed to eliminating the stigma of mental illness in the BHN workplace for our own employees…we will practice what we preach.”

Katherine Wilson

President and CEO Behavioral Health Network, Inc.

“As the leader of an organization with a mission of addressing addiction it is more than appropriate for me to sign the CEO’s Against Stigma pledge. A significant percentage of the individuals in our treatment facilities suffer from mental health difficulties compounded by their addiction. Both illnesses suffer from stigma and we have a responsibility to remove the stigma of addiction and mental illness from our society.”

Charles Faris

President and CEO Spectrum Health Systems

“Every one of us has a friend or family member who has struggled with mental health issues. It is time to demonstrate that we care about them, and that we support them in meeting their mental health challenges. I believe bringing these issues and challenges out in the open, free from stigma and stereotype, is a vital step to helping all of our employees and colleagues to lead full and productive lives.”

John Bissell

President and CEO Greylock Federal Credit Union

“The stigma associated with mental illness prevents people from receiving the care and support that could make their lives so much better. The ability of those suffering to function in the work place is, for so many of them, virtually dependent on that treatment and support. As a healthcare institution it is incumbent on us to do what we can to eliminate the stigmas and to be certain that our workforce receives the very best support and treatment that can be provided to them.”

Edward J. Benz Jr., MD

President and CEO Dana Farber Cancer Institute

“Founded in 1961, Walker works with exceptionally vulnerable yet resilient children and youth facing complex social-emotional, psychological, developmental and learning challenges. We help to build their own capacities and those of their families so that they can thrive, successfully living and learning in their own home communities. The destructiveness of social stigma is painfully evident in their life stories and serves as a barrier to seeking support and help when they needed it most.


It is important that our professional staff who are so very dedicated to helping others, are also supported in their own self-care. Their work is demanding emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. My own background in running an employee assistance program taught me the critical importance of the many ways of supporting a stigma-free, healthy workforce. Now, as CEO of a child and family services non-profit, I proudly join CEOs Against Stigma and pledge to counter workplace stigma and other barriers to accessing mental health and self-care supports.


In creating a respectful workplace that recognizes the value and humanity of all and offers a range of employee supports when needed, we are all the better for it.”

Susan Getman

President and CEO Walker

“Commonwealth Care Alliance and our subsidiaries, including Commonwealth Community Care wholeheartedly supports the preservation of the ability of our employees while dealing with depression or other mental illness. We support our staff in seeking treatment and want to end isolation and eliminate stigma in our workplace. This support starts with my personal commitment.”

Christopher Palmieri

President and CEO Commonwealth Care Alliance

“I am honored to join our fellow CEOs in leading this initiative to end workplace stigma re: mental health. As providers of mental health services, we must ensure that our staff receive the education and support to appropriately provide services to the people we support, but also recognize and support our workforce also effected by mental health conditions. The management team at Family Continuity is committed to walk the walk as well as talk the talk!”

Barbara Wilson

CEO Family Continuity

“Jewish Vocational Service has a more than 75 year history of removing barriers that get in the way of talented individuals succeeding in jobs and careers. As an employer, we are committed to embedding these values in our own work culture and environment, so that a widely diverse workforce can thrive at JVS. The CEO Against Stigma campaign embodies these values, and helps us be the employer we want to be.”

Jerry Rubin

President and CEO Jewish Vocational Service

“As sheriff of Hampden County for over 41 years, with approximately 900 employees and over 1,500 inmates in our custody, I know all too well the stigma surrounding mental illness. Fully 85% of the individuals in our care have addiction and/or mental health issues. My staff are committed to treat these afflictions and remove the stigma that surrounds this critical issue in the workplace as well as in the community. We all know the stigma surrounding mental health issues prevents many from seeking treatment and that is why I’m committed to this effort.”

Sheriff Michael J. Ashe, Jr.

Hampden County Sheriff’s Department

“I fully support the NAMI Mass’ campaign to eliminate the stigma, the shame and the secrecy associated with mental illness. Mental illness and addiction impact almost everyone…it’s our family member, friend, neighbor, colleague at work. We as a community must talk more and work harder to educate people about mental illness and addiction and de-stigmatize both. NAMI Mass’ CEOs Against Stigma campaign opens up the channels for conversation. Talking openly with each other about mental illness and addiction is the best way to break down misconceptions and promote recovery and healthy communities. As Berkshire County’s primary community-based behavioral health provider The Brien Center works every day to address the needs of our community, as well as our employees, to facilitate a better understanding about how mental health affects everyone, and to make sure those who are affected by mental illness and/or addiction get the support they need.”

Christine Macbeth

CEO The Brien Center

“Joining this initiative as a provider of behavioral health services is a natural choice. Mental illness continues to be surrounded with shame and stigma which acts as a barrier to care and recovery. Battling this stigma is essential for the individuals we serve. It is critical that we create an environment whereeveryone feels safe and respected when seeking treatment and staff and employees should be afforded these same considerations. I am committing to creating this same atmosphere within Community Healthlink.”

Nicole Gagne

Interim President Community Healthlink

“Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we want to fully support all of our staff who may benefit from mental health services. Mental health care is a critically important part of comprehensive primary care and we have found that our innovative model of integrated care has opened up access for thousands of patients who might not have otherwise sought care. Our employees deserve no less. I could not be happier to support NAMI’s effort to create and encourage stigma-free workplaces.”

Lori Abrams Berry

CEO Lynn Community Health Center

“As Mayor of the City of North Adams, I am beyond proud to be a voice for NAMI Mass “CEO’s Against Stigma Campaign”. There are so many good folks and their loved ones in the City and in our employ,who so quietly suffer from the pain of mental illness and the associated stigma. My commitment is to continue to provide a positive and supportive environment for all who live and work in this City and our greater region. An illness of the mind should always be treated and never judged.”

Richard J. Alcombright

Mayor City of North Adams

“Most of my professional career has been dedicated to community-based behavioral health. Stigma has time and again been a barrier to local families and children obtaining the services they need. Stigma also negatively impacts the finances of our behavioral health services which raise more barriers for individuals accessing care for themselves or their family members. We all need to work together to make a difference to reduce the shame and stigma of mental illness.”

Carla Saccone, LICSW

President and CEO Children’s Friend and Family Services

“The CEOs willing to sign the pledge and educate their staff will generate a much larger understanding of the difficulties individuals and families experience when someone you love suffers from mental illness and addiction. A broader understanding and acceptance that a mental illness diagnosis, like any medical diagnosis, impacts the one diagnosed and those around them. This will hopefully create normalcy and shed the unwritten social norms around speaking about or supporting those with a mental illness diagnosis. We look forward to working with our peers across the state to raise awareness and understanding, and to remove the stigma around mental illness and addiction.”

Kelly Marion

CEO Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center Inc.

“These issues touch all of us, directly or indirectly. As employers, it’s incumbent on us to be aware of them and deal with them. Ultimately, it’s about wellness and productivity.”

Michael G. Bellotti

Sheriff Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office

“As Sheriff of Berkshire County, I am proud to support NAMI’s campaign to ensure stigma free workplaces. I am dedicated to ensuring that my staff receive all of the tools necessary for them to recognize mental illness, support and provide assistance to their colleagues, and also, just as importantly, to the inmates that we deal with on a daily basis.”

Thomas Bowler

Sheriff Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office

“Physical and mental health awareness are equally important in Berkshire Community College’s wellness initiatives. We strive to provide an accessible and supportive workplace for employees as well as our broader Berkshire community. Many people suffer in silence and may be reluctant to share their experiences because of a perceived stigma associated with mental illness. We are committed to open dialogue that promotes a stigma-free environment.”

Ellen Kennedy

President Berkshire Community College

“One of my professional mantra’s is “Health and Family First” To often people only consider physical health as necessary and I believe that we need to include mental health as being just as necessary. That is why I signed on to this pledge and will be highlighting our community’s supports for mental health.”


Stigma should never interfere with the health of our friends and colleagues. That is why I signed this pledge and will be highlighting our community’s supports for mental health.

Robert Gerardi Jr., PhD

Superintendent Maynard Public Schools

“I am proud to join my CEO colleagues in pledging to create a stigma-free workplace. At Hebrew SeniorLife, our nearly 2,600 employees come to work each day to care for thousands of seniors, and they deserve to feel safe from the stigma that’s often associated with mental health conditions. Many of our patients and residents suffer from debilitating disorders, like Alzheimer’s and other dementias, or from depression and anxiety, and our staff care for them like family day in and day out, regardless of their own physical or mental health challenges. At HSL, the stigma associated with mental health issues is never a barrier to our holistic approach to care for our patients and residents. With the assistance of CEOs Against Stigma, we pledge to extend that same level of respect and dignity to our dedicated employees who may live with a mental illness. It’s simply the right thing to do and we very much support this effort by NAMI Mass.”

Louis Woolf

CEO Hebrew SeniorLife

“We understand that those who experience mental illness need our support as they journey toward wellness. Since 1979, The National Alliance on Mental Illness has been a committed advocate for those who need assistance, information, and services. I am proud to know that NAMI’s work has impacted so many, and I am proud to be a supporter of this campaign.”

Linda Tyer

Mayor City of Pittsfield

“We are joining the campaign as we feel the health and welfare of our employees is of greatest importance. Having meaningful knowledge and sensitivity to those who are experiencing personal difficulties is of utmost importance. We welcome this campaign to educate staff and make them aware that as an agency finding meaningful ways to be supportive is of utmost importance.”

Kenneth Singer

President and CEO Berkshire County Arc

“I am proud to be a CEO Against Stigma. Our clinicians provide medical home health services to thousands of people with mental illnesses throughout Massachusetts. We have often been inspired by the courage, determination and dignity in which our clients face their challenges. At Nizhoni Health, we bring an understanding of mental illness into our workplace and know that mental illness can affect anyone. We recognize that employees challenged with mental illness must be supported and treated with respect, understanding and compassion.”

Joseph McDonough

Founder and CEO Nizhoni Health Systems

“I am delighted to join the CEO’s Against Stigma campaign! Having spent my career working with children, youth, and families affected by mental illness, I am committed to helping reduce the stigma that makes it so much more difficult for people to seek appropriate treatment and support. Coping with a chronic illness…whether physical or mental…is hard enough. No one should have the added burden of stigma and shame.”

Francine Rosenberg, M.Ed.

Executive Director Northshore Education Consortium

“At both the personal and professional level, I have never understood why this country has differentiated behavioral health and well being from physical health and well being. As part of the healthcare industry, I feel it is our obligation to treat patients in toto and eliminate this disparity. Proactively engaging our employees and constituents to overcome the stigma that is sometimes attached to behavioral health needs will help us all pick up the pace.”

Peter Holden

President and CEO Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Plymouth

“As a health plan we recognize that recovery can only come about when people feel supported. Our efforts to offer compassionate and innovative programs for our members affected with mental illness begin at home with our employees. As CEO, I am committed to providing a safe, supportive and comfortable work environment where everyone can thrive.”

Tom Croswell

CEO Tufts Health Plan

“As a comprehensive health and human services provider in Boston and the largest employer in Roxbury, mental health is a significant part of our holistic and integrated care model at The Dimock Center. Joining the NAMI/CEOs Against Stigma campaign only strengthens our mission to heal and uplift individuals and our community and I am proud to be a part of this important movement to put an end to stigma surrounding mental illness.”

Myechia Minter-Jordan, MD

President and CEO The Dimock Center

“I am honored to be able to sign the “CEOs Against Stigma” pledge. As the medical director/CEO of the Austen Riggs Center, I am deeply committed to humanizing mental illness and to changing public perceptions. Every day, I see examples of our patients’ strengths and capabilities, and of the many things they teach our staff about themselves and the treatment of mental illness. Our belief in our work extends well beyond the Austen Riggs Center campus into our local community and to our partnerships with important organizations such as NAMI.”

Andrew Gerber, MD, PhD.

Medical Director and CEO Austen Riggs

“Inspired by my great-grandmother, nursing was to be my career path but life had other plans for me. In my late teenage years I had two traumatic experiences that took time to work through so I could rewrite my script. Influenced by the help I received, a career in social work beckoned. I chose to silently draw on my experiences to guide my ability to connect with those I have supported over the years – be they the children and families Pathways serves, staff I coach, or family and friends.”


Many of the best helping professionals have entered the field as a result of their own experiences. Those who make the most difference have confronted their demons and, rather than turning inward, have taken back the control to focus on others. I have dedicated 35 years of my career to Pathways in the knowledge that we all have a story. I am inspired every day by our 160 dedicated staff that help every child and family build hope for a bright future and get on the path to realize it. Stigma prevented me from sharing my story. I am honored to stand with CEO’s Against Stigma in support of eliminating that barrier for the survivors of today and tomorrow.

Sue Todd

President and CEO Pathways for Children

“I’m proud to sign my name to this important initiative which offers courageous hope and opportunity to all victims of mental illness,” said Mayor Romeo-Theken. “Across the Commonwealth, the North Shore and here in Gloucester, too many people are suffering from issues related to mental health and sadly avoiding appropriate care due to social stigmas. It’s time to tackle these negative outlooks and provide genuine help to our community.”


“While there has been terrific progress made around mental health advocacy, we can still do more to help. Gloucester’s city employees are our number one asset and providing benefits, support and care that keep them strong physically and mentally remains a top priority.”

Sefatia Romeo Theken

Mayor City of Gloucester

“About 42% of the population in the care and custody of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department present with some form of mental illness. Of that number, approximately 26% suffer from severe mental illness. It is my contention that many of these men and women do not belong in prison, but for the lack of available services in their communities. The stigma of mental illness, much like that which surrounds addiction, must be overcome through an increase in understanding, compassion and dedicated services – not only for the people in our custody or those who are caring for them, but for every citizen in need – until we as a society are as vigilant about treating mental illness as we are about mending broken bones or curing infection.”

Steven W. Tompkins

Sheriff Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department

“On behalf of our entire team at North Shore Medical Center, I am proud to take the CEOs Against Stigma Pledge. North Shore Medical Center provides a caring environment for all of our patients and team members. This campaign is another way to emphasize that commitment.”

Robert G. Norton

President North Shore Medical Center

“I support breaking the stigma associated with the term “mental Illness.” In life, all of us in one way or another will encounter our own form of disability which should never over shadow the contributions we will make to our communities.”

Salvatore Garozzo

Executive Director United Cerebral Palsy of Berkshire County

“For our more than 100 employees at Elder Services of Berkshire County, we want them to know that they have a supportive workplace and ready access to services for themselves and their family.”

John Lutz

Executive Director Elder Services of Berkshire County

“It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the NAMI Mass CEOs Against Stigma Campaign. We all have been impacted by the mental health and/or substance use condition of a friend, family member, colleague, or loved one. Education, understanding, compassion, acceptance, and support are what the people we care about need and deserve. Bias and discrimination have no place in our society or in our workplace. At Bay State Community Services (BSCS), we wholeheartedly believe that recovery is possible and that everyone should have a work and community environment that provides the support and services needed.”

Daurice Cox

President and CEO Bay State Community Services, Inc.

“As an organization that provides ambulance and wheelchair transportation to people who suffer mental illness, we see firsthand the toll mental illness can take on people in our community. In addition, our emergency medical services staff is subjected to daily stress and horrific situations which can affect both them and their families. We are committed to help our staff deal with this stress and its effects. As a co-founder of the Western Mass Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team I have seen firsthand the effects this daily stress can have on our rescuers. It makes me proud to join the NAMI Mass “CEO’s Against Stigma” team to show both our staff and our patients that we are committed to being sensitive and supportive to everyone with mental illness.”

Brian K. Andrews

President County Ambulance

“At Gould Farm, our motto is “we harvest hope”. Living and working on a farm, I’ve learned that there is always work to be done…cows need to be milked, weeds need to be pulled, meals need to be prepared, and people seek healing and wholeness. The work of ending stigma, dismantling discrimination and creating safe, healthy, supportive places to work for all people to thrive, requires of each of us, ongoing commitment…there is always work to be done, and the harvest is hope! I am grateful to NAMI Mass and proud to join with other CEOs and organizations who are leading the way. ”

Rev. Lisanne Finston

Executive Director

“As a leading healthcare provider, Atrius Health feels a responsibility to ensure that those with mental health illnesses are treated fairly, respectfully, and without stigma. ”

Steven Strongwater

President and CEO Atrius Health

“Stigma against people with mental health challenges leads to social isolation and reluctance to reach out for support. LUK’s mission to challenge and support people to reach their full potential obligates us to respond to all forms of oppression and stigma. Community health, family strength and individual recovery will all be furthered when we create space to talk about our shared struggles and celebrate the contributions to society by people who experience mental health disabilities. All people have inherent worth and dignity, and LUK is honored to be a part of this campaign.”

Rich Hooks Wayman


“I am proud to join with my fellow CEOs from across the region to sign this critically important pledge. Since 1820 our vision at the Institution for Savings has been to positively affect the lives of our customers, our communities, and our employees. A critical component of that vision includes fostering an inclusive, nurturing and compassionate environment whereby each and every person feels supported and accepted. I am proud at the breadth and depth of the programs and assistance that we offer our team and their families who struggle with the challenges of mental health issues every day. I look forward to continuing to do whatever we can to fight the stigma associated with mental illness.”

Michael J. Jones

President and CEO Institution for Savings

“As the leader here at Hillcrest Educational Centers, Inc. I am proud to support the CEO’s Against Stigma pledge. It is important that our employees, their families and our supporters know that we are a judgment free, supportive zone as they travel along life’s challenging path.”

Jerry Burke

President and CEO Hillcrest Educational Centers, Inc.

“I am happy to sign on as a “CEO Against Stigma.” The message that “Mental health is Health” really resonates here at Wayside. We see it in the families we serve. We see it in the staff we employ. Thank you to NAMI Massachusetts for launching this campaign.”

Eric L. Masi, Ed.D.,

President and CEO Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

“NAMI’s CEOs Against Stigma campaign reflects the values of our City: we are proudly inclusive of all our residents, employees, and visitors. Salem strives to lead the way and demonstrate that we are a municipality that welcomes and celebrates all the different people that make up the fabric of our community. In Salem, equal treatment and inclusion are not just slogans; they are the values that inspire us to tangible, meaningful action, and they are deeply and directly connected to our history. NAMI’s efforts are aligned with those values and I am proud to join the campaign against the stigma associated with those suffering from mental illness.”

Kimberley Driscoll

Mayor City of Salem

“The myriad of senseless tragedies we’re experiencing nationally has really been very disconcerting. I have been pondering what I can do individually to make a difference. Inspired by the song “Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me” I decided to sign the NAMI CEO Against Stigma pledge in hopes that changing the stigma of mental illness will insure that more people will seek mental health services when needed and encourage their affected family and friends to do the same.”

Patricia A. Gentile

President North Shore Community College

“The City of Marlborough is proud to offer an Employee Assistance Program through the city’s insurance program. We recognize the importance of supporting employee mental health and wellness from both personal and financial perspectives. The CEO’s Against Stigma Campaign enables us to address stigma, promote awareness and improve our employee health.”

Arthur G. Vigeant

Mayor City of Marlborough

“In Massachusetts, at least one out of every five adults will experience some form of mental illness this year, including depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, too many will never seek treatment because they fear the stigma associated with such conditions. Mental illnesses are the single greatest cause of lost productivity at workplaces across the country. We can change that. As chief executive of the City of Worcester, that work starts with me. I pledge to provide a workplace that is stigma-free and safe for all our employees with mental health challenges.”

Edward M. Augustus, Jr.

City Manager City of Worcester

“I could not be prouder to sign the CEOs Against Stigma pledge. MGH’s mission is to deliver the very best health care in a safe, compassionate, culturally sensitive, and respectful manner. The only way for us to deliver the best care to our patients is if we support one another and ensure everyone at MGH is valued, engaged, and feels connected. As a health care organization, it’s our responsibility to lead the way and end the stigma of mental illness in the workplace, and this campaign is an excellent start. We continue to encourage and support our amazing staff to get the treatment they need, so we can give our patients the care they need.”

Thomas J. Lynch, Jr., MD

Chairman & CEO Massachusetts General Physicians Organization
Peter L. Slavin, MD, President of MGH

“I am proud to lead Mass General Hospital – an institution that is always striving to set the standard for compassionate, patient-centered healthcare. With an understanding that no family goes untouched by behavioral and mental illnesses, we’ve established programs that extend throughout the hospital and into our surrounding communities. We remain committed to this collaborative model of care, and to approaching mental illness like any other chronic disease, such as diabetes or heart disease. We are committed to ensuring that all of our patients and families, and our staff – whether they are seen in primary care, emergency care or any of our specialty programs – have access to treatment for both their physical and mental health needs. We know that by pushing the boundaries of medicine and educating the next generation of care providers and researchers together, we can make a bigger difference in the lives of patients and families – both locally and around the world.”

Peter L. Slavin, MD

President Massachusetts General Hospital

“DotHouse Health is committed to bridging the gap between mental health and primary care by offering integrated care that that is patient centered, convenient and comprehensive. Partnering with groups like NAMI helps to solidify our commitment to providing access to the care people need and deserve. ”

Michelle Nadow

President and CEO DotHouse Health

“Codman Square Health Center holds a holistic view of health, and as a primary mental health provider in our community, it is critical we care for our own staff and create an environment of acceptance and engagement with mental health issues to model for the community we serve. Mental health is a critical element in the health of individuals, and I am proud to educate myself and engage in the discussion on providing the best mental health services to our staff and community. ”

Sandra Cotterell

CEO Codman Square Health Center

“SeniorCare supports the mission of NAMI Mass and their campaign “CEOs Against Stigma”. We enthusiastically signed the NAMI Mass “Workplace Pledge” and will continue to support and advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities in the workplace and elsewhere. We are honored to participate in this campaign and thank NAMI Mass for its tireless efforts in assisting those in need.”

Scott Trenti

Executive Director SeniorCare Inc.

“I am proud to support this critical effort by NAMI Mass to work toward eliminating the stigma too often associated with mental illness. Berkshire Health Systems and its Board of Trustees have long recognized the importance of providing comprehensive mental health services, both directly and in partnerships with others, for the benefit of our employees, their families and all who lives in Berkshire County and neighboring communities.”

David Phelps

CEO Berkshire Health Systems, Inc.
Patrick Thorpe

“Mental illnesses are illnesses that, unfortunately, come with a stigma of embarrassment and, as a result, families are often afraid to discuss it, let alone reach out for help. I feel that by being a part of CEO’s Against Stigma, we can help provide information and educate our employees and the community as we try to help to remove the stigma and inform those in need of the resources that are available. NAMI is an organization that I have been aware of and supported for over 10 years. They do a very good job supporting families and helping them deal with these types of illnesses and I am happy to sign on as a CEO Against Stigma.”

Patrick Thorpe

President BankGloucester

“As someone who has done community-based work for many years, I have seen firsthand the devastating impact that untreated mental health issues can have on a person’s quality of life.


Often people do not seek or receive help due to the stigma surrounding mental health, and that has to change. 1 in 5 adults experiences mental illness in a given year, yet only 60% of those with mental illness receive mental health services. We all can and need to do better.


We as CEOs need to do our part by creating a work environment that is supportive and offers access to care for those who need it.


We as a society need to put behavioral health services on par with all other health care services and start talking about mental health.”

Peggy Hegarty-Steck

Executive Director Action, Inc.

“Curry College believes deeply in our nearly 1,000 faculty and staff members. In the view of the College, they are the pathway to our students’ success – the only true measure of the College’s success. We’ve seen the impact that mental health issues can have on productive individuals, and we’ve seen the benefits of addressing those issues. The College is both pleased and proud to be working with NAMI Mass in our portfolio of wellness initiatives for our employees.”

Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr.

President Curry College

“Why I’m interested in supporting NAMI Mass is because as a society, we need to fully expose mental health issues as issues to be solved, not whispered about. Our employees make up a typical cross section of people and I’ve seen over the years that when they get help, everyone wins, including their families and loved ones.”

Donald R. Rochelo

COO & Chairman Apex Resource Technologies, Inc.

“It has always been a broad mission of The Boston Foundation to support members of the Greater Boston community as they work to improve their lives,” said Paul S. Grogan, Boston Foundation President and CEO. “We include our own employees in that ‘community.’ So I agreed to sign the NAMI Mass pledge to demonstrate the Boston Foundation’s care for the mental health of our staff and commitment to keep our workplace a safe and stigma-free place for our team.”

Paul S. Grogan

President & CEO The Boston Foundation

“At Boston Medical Center, we know that making sure our patients have access to a range of mental health services is a critical factor in their overall well-being. It’s just as vital that we have a workplace environment that is free of stigma and that supports our own employees’ mental health needs. Joining this campaign is one important step toward that goal.”

Kate Walsh

President & CEO Boston Medical Center

“I took the CEO’s Against Stigma pledge because it is vitally important that we eliminate the stigma associated with behavioral health issues, including substance use and mental health disorders, that cause many people to avoid talking about their disease and seeking treatment. When, as a society, we can speak as freely and clearly about these types of illness as we do about other chronic diseases such as diabetes or asthma, then we will have succeeded in this campaign.”

Kurt Isaacson

CEO Spectrum Health Systems

“I am pleased to support and participate in NAMI Mass’ CEOs Against Stigma Campaign. Unfortunately, stigma against mental illness still exists in our society. We are committed to any campaign that reduces stigma and helps those impacted by mental health disorders.”

Jeffrey W. Hillis

President & General Counsel AdCare Hospital