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NAMI Family-to-Family is a free, 12-session educational program for family members and other caregivers of people diagnosed with mental illness. It offers resources, insights, coping skills, and genuine support for families, and equips class participants with the knowledge they need to navigate the mental health system.

NAMI Family-to-Family is taught by NAMI-trained facilitators who are also family members. It includes presentations, discussion and interactive exercises. In the program, you’ll learn about:

  • How to manage crises, solve problems, and communicate effectively
  • Taking care of yourself and managing your stress
  • Developing the confidence and stamina to provide support with compassion
  • Finding and using local supports and services
  • Up-to-date information on mental health conditions and how they affect the brain
  • Current treatments, including evidence-based therapies, medications, and side effects
  • The impact of mental illness on the entire family
Upcoming NAMI Family-to-Family Classes

Our Family-to-Family classed typically start twice a year, in the late Winter to early Spring and then again in the late Summer to early Fall. Please check back as more classes will be scheduled!

no classes scheduled at this time

Burlington Family-to-Family Class

day and time to be determined
contact Darlene at for more information

Cambridge Family-to-Family Class

Thursdays starting September 12, 2019
6:30 – 9 pm
contact Carolyn at or Sharon at or 914-960-9072 for more information

Greenfield Family-to-Family Class

Thursdays starting September 5, 2019
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Contact: Sue or 413-422-2144 for more information

Ipswich Family-to-Family Class

Mondays starting September 16, 2019

6:30 – 9 pm
contact Glenn at for more information

Lowell Family-to-Family Class

day to be determined
7 – 9:30 pm
contact Dick at 978-808-7991 or or Mary at 978-621-9029 or for more information

Salem Family-to-Family Class

Saturdays starting September 14, 2019
9 – 11:30 am
contact Pat Danielson at 978-922-0207 or Pat Riley at 617-548-7037 for more information

Winchester Family-to-Family Class

Tuesdays starting September 10, 2019
7 – 9:30 pm
Contact: Maureen at 781-864-2336 or; or Elizabeth at for more information

no classes scheduled at this time

no classes scheduled at this time

Family-to-Family Teacher Training graduates
Volunteering as a NAMI Family-to-Family Teacher

The NAMI Family-to-Family class is taught by two NAMI-trained teachers who have first-hand experience as a parent or family caregiver of a person who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Are you interested in becoming a Family-to-Family teacher? Contact Ilya Cherkasov, Director of Family Programs.

Contact us for more information about NAMI Family-to-Family:

Ilya Cherkasov
NAMI Mass Director of Family Programs
617-580-8541 x 219