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TownDate/TimeContact for more Information and Registration  
6:00 - 8:30 pm
January 17 - April 4, 2018
Eliza at ewilliamson@namimass.org
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What is Peer-to-Peer?
NAMI Peer-to-Peer is a free11-week recovery-focused educational program for adults who wish to establish and maintain their wellness. Great value is placed on the individual experiences of each person in the class and participants are empowered and invited to share their own stories and the coping tools that have worked for them.

“I learned from Peer-to-Peer that there are more people than I realized who have mental illness and that you should not be ashamed or feel stigmatized”.

Peer-to-Peer is DBT and Mindfulness
You’ll learn how to:

  • focus on the present
  • how to relax
  • how to make decisions
  • how to recognize the effects of emotions on actions


Peer-to-Peer is Brainstorming
You’ll be able to talk about the ways that you have experienced events in your life and how you developed new coping skills. You’ll draw a map of your recovery and explore relapse prevention

Peer-to-Peer builds connections
Our class members bond through their shared experiences, their commonalities, and their creativity. Lifelong friendships are made.

“I felt so connected to the others in the class. I learned so much. I feel much more confident about the future.”

Peer-to-Peer is an easy ‘app’
Enhancing the Peer-to-Peer experience is the interweaving of discussion and learning with the creation of images that reflect the past, present, and future of every person in the class. Using a simple App, you’ll be able to create imagery on mobile devices* helping you to thoughts and feelings. The app takes a few minutes to learn and the results always look great. *If you do not have a mobile device you will be able to borrow one.

“Sharing the images with my loved ones helps them understand me more than they already do… One of the images I shared with my son made him cry – which he never does. So that’s how powerful these images can be.”

Peer-to-Peer is storytelling
Participants tell their stories to each other using words and the images they create. Some participants find that they can express in pictures, what they find hard to share in words.

Please contact jmaguire@namimass.org for more information.

Peer-to-Peer leader (teacher) training: No trainings are currently planned but you are welcome to complete and return the NAMI Peer-to-Peer Training Application 2018. You will be contacted when a training is scheduled. Please mail or email your application to Judi Maguire, Peer Support Programs Coordinator, NAMI Massachusetts, Schrafft’s Center, 529 Main Street, 1M17, Boston MA 02129-1125 or email jmaguire@namimass.org or fax 617-580-8673