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Resources for finding mental health providers and programs.

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Behavioral Health Helpline

The Behavioral Health Helpline connects individuals and families to the full range of treatment services for mental health and substance use offered in Massachusetts, including outpatient, urgent, and immediate crisis care. The Helpline is free and available to all Massachusetts residents, even if you do not have insurance.  

The Helpline is available in more than 200 languages and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you reach out to the Helpline, you’ll speak with a Resource & Referral Specialist. The Resource & Referral Specialist can provide: 

  • information about behavioral health services 
  • resources for behavioral health and other needs 
  • clinical triage and assessment 
  • connection to emergent, urgent, and routine mental health and substance use treatment 
  • warm handoff to your local Community Behavioral Health Centers 

After your initial contact with the Helpline, a Resource & Referral Specialist will follow up to ensure you were able to connect with services. 

Contact the Behavioral Health Helpline

call or text 1-833-773-2445 

chat online at  

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Community Behavioral Health Centers

Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHCs) are regional centers that offer emergent, urgent, and routine treatment for mental health and substance use conditions. This includes: 

  • in-person and via telehealth, with evening and weekend availability 
  • clinical and peer support 
  • individual, family, and group therapy 
  • medication prescribing services and management 
  • care coordination, treatment planning, and and referrals to other services 
  • same day evaluation and access to treatment, with timely follow-up appointments 
  • behavioral health urgent care 
  • youth and adult mobile crisis intervention and community crisis stabilization  

You can contact the Behavioral Health Helpline to be connected with your local CBHC, or reach out to a CBHC directly. View a list of CBHC locations and contact information (pdf).

William James Interface

The William James Interface is a free service that provides referrals to mental health providers for callers in participating cities and towns in Massachusetts.

Therapy Matcher

Therapy Matcher a free service that provides referrals to licensed social workers in Massachusetts.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a large online database of mental health providers, groups, and treatment programs. You can filter your search by location, insurance, issue, provider gender, sexuality, age, language spoken, faith, treatment orientation, and more.

massachusetts behavioral health partnership
Massachusetts Behavioral Access

The Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) is a set of community-based services for children with emotional or behavioral issues and their families. Families can use the Massachusetts Behavioral Access website to locate providers for many CBHI services.

Massachusetts Psychosis Network For Early Treatment

First Episode/Early Psychosis Programs are a team-oriented care approach designed to treat people who are showing signs of psychosis or who were recently diagnosed with psychosis. The Massachusetts Psychosis Network For Early Treatment provides information about First Episode/Early Psychosis Programs and a list of programs in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Substance Use Hotline

Massachusetts Substance Use Hotline is a free, confidential statewide service for finding finding substance treatment and recovery services.

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Looking for other options for finding providers?

Contact the NAMI Mass Compass Helpline. Compass is available Monday through Friday, 10 am – 6 pm. Call us at 617-704-6264 or email us at

Learn more about the NAMI Mass Compass Helpline.