Resources for People who use Self-Harm (and their supporters) - a Mini Collection

This is a mini collection of resources for people who use self-harm and their supporters.

Self help resources…

A workbook about self-harm that encourages reflection from a non-coercive, self-compassionate, and harm reduction perspective. From the Icarus Project/Fireweed Collective. Checking it out here:

A workbook written by people who use self harm. It aims to help people understand self harm and to be kinder to their self. Checking it out here:

A guide explaining self-harm, including possible causes and how you can access treatment and support. It includes tips for helping yourself, and guidance for friends and family. Checking it out here:

An article outlining what self-harm is and ideas for moving away from it. Checking it out here:

Online support communities…

A subreddit for self-harmers to relate to each other, ask questions, and build up a community. Checking it out here:

Books about self-harm...

A book exploring the meaning and purpose of self-injury in an individual’s life, the experiences that might lead to self-injury, and which approaches and responses to self-injury are helpful and which are not. It is intended to be a resource for people who hurt themselves and for those who live and work with them. Learn more here:

This book explores why people self-injure, debunks myths and misconceptions about self-injury, explains self-injury in the contexts of human embodiment and a social model approach to distress and illness, and offers practical strategies for responding in meaningful ways, including using creative practices and harm-reduction. Learn more here:

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